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Who is CVT Austria?

CVT-Austria is a network of authorized CVT teachers in Austria.

Was ist die CVT?

CVT AUSTRIA is home to some of entertainment's brightest stars. What started as a small agency in 2000 has now developed into an empire of talent.

Our talent agents carefully select the individuals we represent and offer them the opportunity to advance their careers by providing them with entertainment and production opportunities. We have spent years building relationships with the top names in the industry, offering our clients the opportunity to work with some of the largest manufacturing companies. We are here for you! Contact us to find out more.

Was ist ein autorisierter CVT Coach?

Authorised CVT Teachers have...

  • successfully completed the 3 Year "Singer/Singing Teacher Diploma Course" at the CVI in Copenhagen and therefore are alowed to use these logos


  • been trained at a professional level as singing teachers to correctly demonstrate and teach singing technique.

  • the duty to stick to the philosophy and pedagogical methods of CVT.

  • are obliged to regularly train ourselves in theory and practice at the CVI in Copenhagen in order to be able to teach using the latest knowledge regarding voice research, singing technique and pedagogy.

CVT authorised teacher logo 1
CVT authorsed teacher logo 2

Was ist der Vorteil bei einem autorisierten CVT Coach Unterricht zu nehmen?

The Complete Vocal Institute (CVI) in Copenhagen, Denmark, wants to ensure that singers around the world have access to the best singing teachers who teach CVT at a high and professional level. With a growing number of singing teachers incorporating CVT into their teaching, it is important to make a clear distinction between non-authorized and authorized CVT singing teachers. Only those who use the logo   is an authorized CVT teacher and can therefore introduce you to all facets of the Complete Vocal Technique and train it with you safely.
HERE you will find an overview of the 3 basic principles, the 4 vocal modes, the timbre and the effects - all elements of the CVT.

CVT book & app

You can also find out more about the Complete Vocal Technique in the book of the same name.Book read or get the current APP download. There is a FREE version (white) or a FULL VERSION (black) for €69, which will be updated automatically throughout your life.

CVT Book

CVT book

In love with books?
Then you are right here.
The CVT book is available in several languages. Unfortunately, the newest version is ONLY available in English! You can find more information directly on the website Complete Vocal Institutes


CVT APP pay version

The FULL VERSION (black) of the CVT APP for €69, which will be automatically updated throughout your life.

APP Infos

CVT App free

CVT APP free version

The FREE version (white) of the CVT APP which you can upgrade to the full version at any time.

APP Infos

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